What information do we collect?

This website collects information voluntarily provided by users through forms. The information collected may include name, contact information and messages that you send to us with comments or questions related to our services.

We also automatically collect information such as your IP address, referring URL, location information and browser/device information as needed to monitor and maintain the security and performance of our site.

How do we use your info?

Information voluntarily provided by users of this site may be used to contact you regarding general inquiries about our services. User data may also be used to analyze who uses our site, and how the site is used.

Do we share your information with anyone?

Your information may be shared with our vendors who perform services for us. Examples may include vendors who parter with us to provide website hosting, email hosting, marketing consulting and web development.

Do you use cookies or other tracking technology?

This site may use cookies and other technology such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel to store information about our users.

How do I contact you about information collected about me?

For questions related to data collection and to request removal of any personal data collected, please email phronsie@bigskysextherapy.com.